Sunday, March 11, 2007

That's a Fancy Car

I've gotten a lot of questions recently about how I wash the car. The car has been through a drive-thru car wash and came out unharmed (although I didn’t stay under the drier for the entire time). I always wash the car before I start gluing eyes and normally, I just go to a self-serve car wash to clean it.

I didn’t get many eyes on the car today. I had planned to make the passenger side match the driver’s side today, but it started sprinkling. I continued gluing for awhile, but it soon started raining too much to keep the glue dry. Maybe with daylight savings time, maybe there will be enough light after work for me to focus on the car a little each day.

After my failed work attempt. I went to lunch at Phil’s Ice House. When I was leaving a family that had been at Amy’s Ice Cream was looking at the car. The mom asked if it was OK for them to touch the car. One of the little girls said “This is a fancy car. I like fancy things.”

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gl. said...

trixie doesn't do so well in the car wash, and i hate washing each magnet by hand. but the dirtier she gets the less inclined people are to play with her, so that's one of my upcoming tasks...