Monday, January 22, 2007

Googly-eyed Car

I've wanted a car that didn't look normal all my life. Not sure how it started, but when I was a kid, I dreamed of having a black VW Bug that I would cover with various color handprints. That never worked out.

About a year ago, I lucked into a bunch of clip art. After covering a dresser with it, I began to dream of covering a car in these outdated images of cheerleaders and businessmen. I couldn't figure out a way that wouldn't cost me too much money to make the paper water proof. As I spent month after month pondering the problem, I became more and more convinced that this would be a thing that I would dream of and never do. As 2007, began I decided to give up on the clip art car for now.

At the same time I was mentally working on another art project. I was planning to get a bunch of googly/wiggly eyes and put them on one of those spinning things that you use to decorate cakes. The idea was that it would hang on the wall and you would spin it to make all the eyes move. I had been looking for months for a used one at thrift stores (I enjoy the hunt), but hadn’t found one yet.

Then I realized that maybe I could combine the two projects and the googly-eyed car was born.

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