Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daily Texan

My office is next to the office of the Daily Texan (the University of Texas' newspaper) and yesterday after work Katherine Fan saw my car and talked to me for a few minutes while Garrett Traya took photos of the car. I went into work this morning to find this looking out from the newsstand.

Such a great photo and write up. I think Katherine does a good job of describing what it's like to see the car in person. The story begins:
"When other drivers began yelling at April Burcham a couple of days ago, she was afraid she had cut someone off. It turned out they just wanted to compliment her car, and with good reason. Burcham's red Ford Escort seems to be covered in bubbles. Upon closer look, they morph into googly eyes. Dozens and dozens of colorful plastic eyes, commonly used for dolls, line the driver's side and trunk of her car. Some of the plastic eyes retain moisture from the air, catching even more light depending on the angles of the sunlight."

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gl. said...

how exciting! my car has a new friend! i have a poetry car made with giant magnets who also has a blog: