Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eyes in the wind

I worked six hours today. It was very windy and several little eyes escaped into the parking lot. For the most part it was a beautiful day, so several of my neighbors stopped to ask questions about the car.

The older lady who drives her rascal scooter at breakneck speeds through the apartment complex said her special transit service driver (cap metro little bus that picks her up to take her to places her rascal won't go) had been asking where I got all the eyes. She seemed disappointed that it was via the internets.

An exchange student was surprised that I was working on the car in the parking lot. He thought I had some other place to do that work. He also asked me if I was an artist.

Passenger's side (I just did the line that goes from the trunk to the front of the car above the window on this side today)

Driver's side above the window

Driver's side (I also finished half of the back door on this side)

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merriefiddler said...

Julia thinks they look like flowers. The pictures made her smile.