Saturday, January 27, 2007

The trunk

I started at 9:30 a.m. I worked for two hours then took a break because I was getting a little sloppy and I could see I would need more glue to finish the top of the trunk. I worked two more hours after returning from this trip.

I purchased a different type of glue bottle and it was harder to use. I ended up using a lot more glue with this type of bottle. Also when I switched glue, I started putting things closer together. The wind was really blowing so that made me work closer in and a lot of the medium size eyes were used early on so it was mostly 12mm or less left ... these two things may have also contributed to the closer gluing.

I ran out of little eyes with more than 3/4 of the car done and went to get more. I think because of the closer gluing, I still didn’t finish the top of the trunk. I had estimated that I had enough to complete this part of the car today (and I guess I could have but it would have been just big eyes and since I started out with mostly little/medium on the trunk I want to keep it that way). I made those estimates with the full order from the bulk place, but I think I really did still have enough. It’s just that early on I wasn’t putting enough of the 40mm eyes on and the closer gluing also impacted my project.

Only work for two hours at a time.
Use glue with a little spigot to control the flow.
Mix-in more big eyes.

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